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Porofessor does not appear in champion select

  • Are you playing on Garena ? If so, Garena is not supported, sorry.
  • Do you have one of the following software installed on your pc : CryptoCSP, ViPNet CSP, ViPNet Local Signature Service ? If so, please uninstall them, as they may be the cause of this issue
  • Please check the porofessor settings and check that champ select is not disabled. Also, please check that Porofessor is running while you're in champ select
  • If you have one screen: sometimes, for some reason, your pc thinks there are two screens. Press the Windows+P Shortcut and then make sure you select the first option (PC Screen Only)
  • Otherwise, uninstall Overwolf (make sure you close Overwolf in the taskbar alongside the clock first) and then reinstall Porofessor from https://porofessor.gg/th/download