Porofessor App Support

I have lol launched but Porofessor does not log me in

  • Are you playing on Garena ? If so, Garena is not supported, sorry.
  • Do you have one of the following software installed on your pc : CryptoCSP, ViPNet CSP, ViPNet Local Signature Service ? If so, please uninstall them, as they may be the cause of this issue
  • Otherwise, uninstall Overwolf (make sure you close Overwolf in the taskbar alongside the clock first) and then reinstall Porofessor from https://porofessor.gg/download
  • If this does not solve the issue, please try uninstalling lol completely from your pc and then reinstalling it. In some rare cases, some of the lol components installed on the pc are outdated and preventing the communication between the app and LoL