Porofessor App Support

Please contact me

Please contact me, in English or in French, either on discord (trebonius#7449), or by email (trebonius@wargraphs.gg) and send me the answer to ALL the following questions:

  1. As much details as possible on the issue you are having
  2. Your region and summoner name
  3. The country you live in
  4. The logs file created by the app (go to the app settings -> create logs zip and send me the created file)
  5. The number of monitors you have, their resolution and the scaling percentage (you can find that in the Windows settings)
  6. Are you playing lol in fullscreen, borderless or windowed ?
  7. The game mode you are playing when the issue occurs (if it happens during the game)
  8. When did you install the app / when did the issue start to happen / when did it happen last ?
  9. Did you have overwolf previously installed on your PC ? If so, when did you install it (an approximate date is ok)?
  10. A screenshot of the issue (if possible)