Debido a un problema de Riot (el sistema del modo espectador) en algunas regiones (KR), los datos de las partidas en vivo no están disponibles actualmente en el sitio web para esas regiones. Sin embargo, la app no ha sido afectada. Sentimos los inconvenientes ocasionados

Preguntas frecuentes

What matches are taken into account to compute those stats ?

All normal and ranked 5v5 games, from the last 30 days, are taken into account to compute the stats.

How do you determine what role a player is currently playing ?

Using the data I have (global champion usage + each player history), I try to find what is the most probable role distribution. This may be sometimes wrong, but well, who would have guessed that Smite Janna Top is a thing ?

Where do you grab your data ?

Riot APIs !

What is this rank displayed alongside my current ranking (gold in soloqueue for instance) ?

This rankings aggregates Riot ranking in all regions to get your rank. (If you are Gold IV, you'll have a better rank than a Gold V player for instance). This rank is updated almost in real time.

What is this rank displayed alongside my champion ?

This rank uses the ranking mechanism, which is based on global rank (silver, gold...), kda, winrate... Have a look at website for more information.

What kind of partnership do you have with ?

I'm the creator of League of Graphs :)

I have a question, how can I contact you ?

Have a look at the contact page !